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How to make your home stand out when selling

We can help your house sell quickly and at a good price -- even in a slow market.

It takes a lot more than sparkling windows, scented candles and chocolate-chip cookies to sell a home in today's market.

Improvements should be made so that the property shows well, is consistent with the neighborhood and does not involve capital investments.

Beyond any doubt, the best investment you can make is new paint. Painting can make a room or an exterior fa├žade look brand-new, and totally transform the look and feel of a room or the entire residence. It is always wise to be somewhat restrained when choosing colors for a home-staging paint project. Avoid choosing colors that are too individual or flashy and favor neutral colors and schemes. This does not mean painting everything white, however.

Use subtle color schemes to accentuate the home's strengths and minimize weaknesses. Dark colors, for example, tend to make a room feel smaller, while lighter colors and pastels can make a room feel bigger.

There is another benefit to painting as well: the process of preparing the interior or exterior surfaces of a home for painting automatically allows us to go over the entire area receiving paint in great detail, and this can often expose items or areas requiring repair. It seems you always discover where the caulking has let go, where the wall is dinged.

It is always preferable that we discover and deal with these items before the real estate agent (or worse, the prospective buyer) points them out to you!

Dave - 360renos

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Country Bungalow Update

From Richmond to Limoges we travel the National Capital region completing renovation projects.

A main floor bathroom with laundry center received a long overdue update to its decor

New light fixtures, paint colors, accessories and of course flooring.

The flooring is a beautiful 18"x18" travertine tile. We set the tiles tight together with minimal grout lines We placed the tile up the wall and accented the top with 1" travertine tile that comes on mesh sheets and is cut down to the appropriate size.

A new vanity with marble top and a funky 'water pump' faucet. Living in the country has its own set of challenges for fresh water so we had to drill the marble counter for a water softener faucet - no problem with the right tools.

Dave - 360renos

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Condo Painting

Updated a new condo in Aylmer from the brilliant builders white paint color to a few colors that the new home owner will enjoy.

Crown moulding and baseboards completed in C2 Sheer and walls finished in C2 Appaloosa.

C2 Infrared highlights the den.

and C2 Cappuccino Froth compliments the Ensuite bathroom.

Dave - 360renos

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Painting Tips

The most common difficulties encountered during the winter while apply quality acrylic latex paint is an uneven look due to roller marks, curtaining and picture framing (when cutting and rolling looks different).

There is a very simple explanation for this and it has to do with drying time. In the winter when temperatures drop below -10C it becomes extremely dry inside your home causing the drying time for quality acrylics to be reduced from 20 to 30 minutes to under 5 minutes, sometimes when it is extremely cold out it can take less than 2 minutes.

When this occurs and if no action is taken to slow down the drying time, back-rolling becomes nearly impossible and you are in essence putting 2 coats in some areas and 1 in others causing a very uneven look on the walls. This problem becomes more noticeable with darker colors.

What can be Done?

Reduce the temperature and air circulation in the room by closing doors and vents while the room is being painted. This will allow the paint to flow and level better as it will slow the drying time.

Floetrol can be added to wall paint to further slow the drying time and improve flow and leveling of the paint.

A top quality roller with the proper nap (10mil) will also aid in achieving an even finish.

The proper amount of paint needs to be used on the walls. Stretching out your paint will exasperate the problem by reducing the flow and leveling of the paint coat.

The reason this problem is not as significant in lower quality paints is due to the fact they have higher solvent contents while Quality Acrylics are much higher in solids.

This is one reason why at 360renos we use only quality paints such as C2 and Pratt and Lambert

Give us a call when you are ready for your next painting project - 360renos

Dave - 360renos